• 'My Quantum'..Finally you own the android APP! [2016-08-26 02:46:00]
    We're delighted to announce the launch of "My Quantum" App for your Android based Smartphone.Be it the attandence,marks,tutorials or anything else its just a click away. You can download it from google Play Store
  • Notice regd. Missing Marks May 2016 [2016-09-20 11:06:00]
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  • Notice for All B.Tech Students [2016-10-10 05:31:00]
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  • Notice regd. "TALLY Certification" for MBA 1st Yr Starting from tomorrow (14/10/16) [2016-10-13 11:45:00]
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  • "Koi na choote-Mat daata banein" [2016-10-18 01:47:00]
    Those students of DIPLOMA,who belong to Haridwar district,born on or before 01/01/1999 and do not possess a VOTER ID Card,may please contact their class advisor/coordinator immediately.Campus is engaged in the process of formation of Voter ID card.Students can apply in the campus for the same
  • Notice for All the students of MBA 1st Yr & MBA 2nd Yr  [2016-10-21 03:51:00]
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